When Life Hands You Sand Dollars…

sanddollarillloEach time Izzi and I walk along Dog Beach in Morro Bay, the Ocean offers up a theme.

Sometimes it’s a bounty of heart shaped rocks, or slipper shells, or a day filled with volumes of sea glass treasures.

There might be a vast amount of seaweed one day, or orange scallop shells so tiny and delicate that they break if you put them in your pocket.

Sadly, on some walks I’ll find an abundance of dead fish or birds or crabs.

But the themes really do cluster into single days, and it’s astonishing to me.

I always head into my walks anticipating what my daily treasure will be.

sanddollarsAbout a month ago, it was a carpet of sand dollars. I couldn’t take a single step without crushing some, and it broke my heart, as I find a sand dollar to be one of nature’s most exquisite designs. The tide was coming in and scooping the dead shells back out to sea, so I collected a few to use for an art project.

I baked some sugar cookies and placed sliced almonds on the top to mimic a sand dollar design, then placed the edible beach money on a tray and invited my art group over for a day of intricate painting and mobile-making.

It some ways it felt sacrilegious to cover up perfection, but we found tremendous joy in decorating those little orbs, and then stringing them onto driftwood to create colorful and inspiring mobiles.

mobilesThis morning my beach walk theme was hearts. Heart shaped shells, rocks…even two pieces of heart shaped sea glass! Heart shapes everywhere! I love hearts! Anything heart shaped just makes me smile.

There are so many days when there is not one heart to be found, but today there were so many that I left most behind.

You see, I already have a giant heart collection, and I think it’s important to share the love.kikishearts


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  1. Steveoooo says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post. Since your not much of a facebooker I am so happy to see you blogging. It makes my heart very happy. XO


  2. Another beautiful post…so heart-felt — but then what did I expect from someone who loves and collects hearts in all types of castaways. Thank you for the post.


  3. You are too much…I left a comment!

    I owe you segments….for Africa…

    Not my thing, but off to Africa…

    DIA: a learned mantra

    Falling in Love: Elephants & Giraffes

    Experiencing Eye-Candy Beasts of the “Bush”

    Happy Hippo Home

    The Pride of Africa

    The Masai Warrior – Education Comes in many Flavors

    Judy Salamacha judysalamacha@gmail.com (805) 801-1422 Columnist: http://www.simplyclearmarketing.com Author: Colonel Baker’s Field: An American Pioneer Story Trustee: CCMMA/Maritime Museum of Morro Bay

    “If you don’t put quotes around yourself you can do anything.” Johnny Mathis



  4. Meg Swearingen says:

    Thank you, Kiki!!! I so love your blog. Your words draw images in my mind and in my heart. Thank you for sharing. I love and miss you more than you know. Xoxo


  5. I am finally finding wordpress again. I was wrong about the photo. It looks great on a bigger screen (but not near as wonderful as your water color :)) Love the beach walk with Izzi.


  6. Debra Angell says:

    Loved this idea of the sand dollar mobiles…hope to see you soon, we’re back…Debra & Jeff


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