Who Knew Dog Poo Could Be a Positive Thing?


Izzi starts dancing circles around me as soon as I pull my blue tennies out of the closet…she knows these particular shoes mean WALKIES.

And as we crest the hill on Highway One, the hill that reveals a stunning view of the entire hamlet and coastline of Cayucos, she starts whining, because she knows we are about to turn in at Dog Beach.

Izzi’s beach MO is to wait patiently for me to toss out her ball. She then grabs it, jogs a few paces, drops it and digs a hole around it…about a foot deep. Then she picks the ball up, wanders off about two yards, spins two full circles and takes care of her business.

Today, as I stooped to scoop her deposit into a little green bag, I noticed two other weathered deposits nearby, so before tying up the bag, I grabbed them as well.

As we walked along, Izzi dug a number of holes for her ball, and I looked for my daily beach treasures…not knowing yet what today’s great gift would be.

Would I be blessed with an abundance of sea glass? Heart shaped rocks? Feathers?

As I made my way along the shoreline, I passed two more piles of dog poop.

I got pretty discouraged, and starting thinking about how disrespectful it was for dog owners to bring their furry loves to the beach, but to not pick up their messes. Morro Bay even has a kind soul who provides garbage cans at the roadside for us to discard our baggies…it’s a pretty simple process.

As I bent over to pick up a piece of sea glass, I got assaulted by the aroma of a fresh pile of excrement…and there it was, nestled next to some seaweed.

Seriously? Today’s dominant gift was going to be a plethora of poo? Gifts not from the sea, but from man’s best friend?

I know we all occasionally get caught off guard. I once ran out of bags and had to stand by one of Izzi’s poops until another dog walker came by and I could bum a bag.

The Cayucos Lioness Club provides Mutt Mitts for Cayucos, and I know the program costs them a lot of money. They used to have the Mitts available at Dog Beach, and I often saw people walk up to the dispensers and pull out the entire contents and shove them in their pockets. That’s not the intent, and surely why the Club couldn’t afford to keep the Mitts at our beach.

But today was ridiculous! I found that I was in a pretty ugly mood, something that NEVER happens when I walk on the beach. I yanked a green baggie off the roll of bags I keep on Izzi’s leash, and scooped up the fresh treasure.

It instantly put me in a better mood.

I’ve picked up an errant poop here and there many times, but today’s bounty was impressive.

Walking back to the other piles, I picked them up, too…and found myself transported into a much happier place.

I ended up searching out dog piles, and dedicated today’s walk to ridding Dog Beach of poop… and it thrilled me! Who knew that little green bags could make one so giddy?

I didn’t find much sea glass today.

Nor did I find my beloved heart shaped rocks.

But I found that by carrying fistfuls of green baggies up to the garbage can, I refreshed the beach…and my attitude, too.


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  1. You did your poopy mood proud by cleaning up after your fellow dog-lovers 🙂


  2. Nice comment…. How about this….. Downsize just a hair and send as letter to the editor http://www.somplyclearmarketing. com and http://www.newsroom@thetribunenews.com. A welcome alternative to all the political crap sent in.

    Judy Salamacha judysalamacha@gmail.com (805) 801-1422 Columnist: http://www.simplyclearmarketing.com Author: Colonel Baker’s Field: An American Pioneer Story Trustee: CCMMA/Maritime Museum of Morro Bay

    “If you don’t put quotes around yourself you can do anything.” Johnny Mathis



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