Being Productive in Paradise

camperkeekI’m trying to get some work done, but keep getting distracted by kayaks, fishing boats, sailboats, pelicans, seagulls – oh wait, here is an otter mom and her baby – and always, that big ole rock.

I’m in my Mobile Office today, and we’re parked by the Marina on the Embarcadero, a few steps from the incoming tide in Morro Bay.

Mobile Office, you ask? Why yes! I just bought a used Arctic Fox truck camper, that sits happily atop a Ford truck, and it makes for a fantastic place to work. Especially considering that the “place” can change as often as my mood.

And I’ve scouted out many coastal locations that beckon us to pull over, extend the slide, put on a pot of coffee and open up the laptop…

…and get glassy-eyed staring at the vistas.

I suppose that’s more zen than zoning out at my computer screen. But it isn’t getting the work done.

So I pull out my sketch pad and paints, and get busy trying to capture what I’m feeling. But how do you incorporate the moan of a fog horn into a painting? The WHAT?WHAT?WHAT? of the gulls? Or the laughter of the couple now gliding by on their stand-up paddleboards.

Maybe I should try poetry.

All the boats are tethered,

facing toward the tide…

The rock: standing sentry,

sandspit by her side.

A bay so full of passion,

otters, gulls and seals…

I love to be a witness:

see what she reveals.

No? Meditation? Well, just gazing out there is meditation.

There’s always WORK work. That was my intention. I reopen my InDesign files and try to focus.

This is not my only office. I have a small office in downtown San Luis Obispo…a prime spot I’ve been lucky enough to rent for about 20 years. I also have a home office, which is where I do most of my work. I’ve converted one of my bedrooms into a pretty efficient workspace, and have been enjoying being able to stay home with my animals while I’m productive.

But being alone so much has been…well…lonely, so I started looking for office space in Morro Bay (that twenty-minute commute to SLO is so loooooong, you know). I wasn’t finding anything that was small enough, inexpensive enough, or fun enough…that would allow me to bring Izzi, my golden retriever.

In concert with the office search, was a search for a new RV. I’ve had RV’s in the past, but have been without for about ten years.

I’ve missed the freedom to travel about on a whim, and as luck would have it, this beauty I’m now sitting in came on the market …almost made to order. I’ve named him Deano, as in Dean Martin. Only fair, since my car is Frank Sinatra.

My writing group sometimes meets in Deano. There are five of us, and we cram inside and tap away on our keyboards…or we’ll sit out in the sunshine on beach chairs. Either way we have our kitchen and bathroom and a variety of locations for inspiration.

Deano, Izzi and I have already been camping, cruising and just hanging out…and we’ve got some major road trips planned.

I may have to rethink the Mobile Office concept, though, and call the days at the beach my creative days. I’m simply not getting any real work done.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. You go girl. Sounds inspirational to me. Need to pull up to the Papagallo for an afternoon glass of “Three Sheets to the wind” . That usually winds down my day but on occasion I get a second wind and do some writing myself. Keep on trucking !


  2. Steve Jones says:

    You are one of the most creative people I know. Thinking up festivals, Seaglass, graphics and art, Word.

    And now the poetry. That is a lovely and beautiful poem. Your talents never cease to amaze me.


  3. Cathy says:

    So enjoy your writing, painting and awesome poem! I hear your voice when I read your words. Keep it up girl ! Let me know when you are in Cayucos 🤗


  4. Kiki – Here it is! I am so happy to see the results of your creativity. And I love the fact that -thanks to you- I can begin to appreciate those lovely water color blends 🙂


  5. peekatkeek says:

    Thank you ALL for the lovely comments! I truly appreciate them!


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