African Safari – Intro; Pack Your Fears, But Leave that Bag Behind


JOURNAL ENTRY, JANUARY 24, 2016: There’s a different feeling in the air here. Is it the constant fear in the animals? Is it that we’re on the equator? Is it that there are no pollutants? Is it the continuous birdcalls? The vastness of space? The thrill of wondering who will pop their head out of the tall grasses? I don’t know the answer…but I do know that my heart is beating faster, yet calmer. Does that make sense? I feel like it is pumping a passionate new energy into me that is full of pure life. Pure earth. Pure. Just PURE.

It has a lot to do with these Kenyan men, too. These Maasai warriors. They are beautiful on every level. Pure beauty in their physical beings, and in their souls, too. They are happy to share their country, their energy, their knowledge, their skills.

This morning after my fresh, hot coffee delivery by Steve, I stuck my head out of the tent to ask my Askari to escort me to the lodge. “Hello?” I whispered into the dark. “Hello?” A little louder. No answer. So I used the provided walkie-talkie and asked them to send a new Askari escort. WHAT? I thought he was supposed to guard and protect me all night??!! Turns out some hippos had climbed up into camp and all of the Askari were busy getting them out. Ok…I suppose that’s a legit excuse for leaving my side…

Today, once again, it was the usual suspects…gazelle, topi, elephant, birds, giraffe, impala, water buffalo…tons of each. Giant herds everywhere. It’s sad to think that they are almost expected now. Even the squat little warthog…who still humors me…is a common sight. It was a day with no big cats, but the boys put their hearts and souls into the search.

Coming home tonight it was getting dark and rain was starting to fall, so Eddie BARRELED over the rutted roads, giving me a GRAND ole headache and hurting my painful (though healing) broken ribs. Not a fun ride home…but I popped 800mg of Advil and will be ready for the road again tomorrow.


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