Toucan Tango


The toucans were dive-bombing my shoulder as I listened to Danny, my intrepid tour guide, explain that all of the enclosed birds had been rescued and brought here.

I counted at least two keel-billed (rainbow) toucans, maybe a dozen of their less dramatic brethren, the yellow-throated toucans, and a couple colorful mini-versions, the collared avacari. It was the larger birds who were focused on the butterfly hitchhiker perched upon my shoulder.

An hour earlier I had visited the butterfly observatory (housed in the La Paz Waterfall Garden Nature Park), where thousands of butterflies wafted through the tropical greenhouse, flitting from one plant to another. Unbeknownst to me, this particular black and yellow beauty (a siproeta stelenes) landed on my hat and traveled with me through a variety of exhibits before entering the toucan cage.

Danny moved my BFF (butterfly friend) to my shoulder, making him less of a target, but the toucans were extremely focused on that little morsel of arthropod love, as it was twenty minutes til feeding time and they were mighty hungry.

The first few swoops scared me, but I grew accustomed to them, and built a little cage for my BFF with my hand. That didn’t stop the dive bombs, but it protected my buddy and made for an entertaining visit to the toucans.


If I stood too close to any of their perches, the birds would land and pretend to be my best friend…kinda like the condo salesmen on street corners in Cabo…with their eyes only on the prize.

I felt very protective of my BFF. I had granted him this grand adventure outside of the safe enclosure he lived in, and by god, I was going to return him safely.

So after the toucans ate their lunch of grapes (their favorite) and vegetables, I walked Bee-Eff-Eff back home, took him off my shoulder, and gently placed him…safely…on a leaf.


La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park :: The Peace Lodge ::

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  1. Nicely done…thanks for the smiles.

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  2. Already having adventures! Love the story and the watercolor 🙂


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